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In today’s fast-paced world of texts, tweets and internet television, you’re going to want something quick and snappy to get your company’s message out there. Sure you could blog or post status updates on social web sites or direct people to your own web page, but your best bet is probably to make a video of what it is you’re selling and get it out there on the World Wide Web.

But before I can convince you of the necessity of video marketing for your company – and I should say here, too, that video marketing is for everyone, from construction and private schools to bakeries and even marketing companies, whatever your business, you can make a video – you need to know what video marketing is.

What is Video Marketing?

Simply put, video marketing is using a video to sell your product or service. This means posting a video of said product or service to a platform such as YouTube and/or putting it on the company web site. Generally, your informative video will run around five minutes or less (we want to captivate audiences, not bore them). Ads generally run half a minute for that reason, but videos about company services and products tend to run longer because they need to pack in more information and content.
In any case, a video can be anything you want it to be. A lot of statistical videos I saw today, for example, were more or less suped-up power-point presentations – that is, a lot of animated words and numbers (animated meaning numbers growing larger, falling off the screen, turning into stick people, whatever) presented with music. Or, you can use “actors” to present your information. Usually the actors would be discussing the benefits and merits of the products and services you offer, along with presenting the actual products and services themselves. And the actors are usually the company CEOs, employees, friends or whoever you’d like in your video. Or as the people here at Cocoa Video Productions like to say, video marketing is telling the story of your company.
Using the video medium helps you get your company’s information across in a fun and fast way. As I mentioned before, isn’t it more fun to watch information about a company than to read about it? But now you might be asking yourself why your company would need video marketing when it already has a web site, brochures, write-ups on local review sites and other such marketing.

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By Shelley Snowdon

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